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MEGAN MARIE KLATT arrested - She was witnessed punching and kicking a puppy unable to call for help

- Nebraska, USA -

The Grand Island Police Department arrested 25-years-old MEGAN MARIE KLATT (pictured) after she was witnessed abusing a defenseless puppy.

According to a media release by the Department, on the early afternoon of Monday, September 4, 2023, a passerby saw KLATT “forcefully kick the puppy in the ribs multiple times along with forcefully punching the dog in the rib multiple times while outside.”

The witness also saw KLATT pick up the dog and “forcefully” slam the furbaby to the ground several times.

An officer responded to a property on 2004 North Wheeler Avenue and made contact with KLATT, the puppy’s guardian. Police said that the 6-month-old puppy had “a possible broken leg for the past couple of days and a large lump to the top of its head.”

The Central Nebraska Humane Society responded to the scene and took custody of the Voiceless Victim.

Police said that KLATT attempted to run back into the residence to get away from officers but she was caught and placed under arrest. KLATT is charged with felony cruelty to animals and obstruction.

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KLATT’s mugshot shared from the Hall County Department of Corrections.

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Judy A Canon
Judy A Canon
Sep 07, 2023

I smell sleezebag, drugs & desperation in this savage face. That precious baby puppy has been forced to live with a broke leg for a couple of days??!! Thank goodness they arrested this monster & removed that precious soul.

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