MATTHEW DAVIS and his mother LINDA DAVIS arrested after dead animals were found in their apartment

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

- Pennsylvania, USA -

WARNING! Some of you may find the story upsetting.

Carbondale Police have charged 35-year-old MATTHEW DAVIS, and his mother 59-year-old LINDA DAVIS (both pictured below), with aggravated animal cruelty, cruelty to animals and neglect of animals, after animal remains were discovered in their apartment.

On Monday, December 7, police were dispatched to the pair’s apartment on 48 Archbald Street, Carbondale, to investigate a complaint about dead animals in the property.

The Lackawanna County Humane Society was called in and sadly, an officer discovered two dead cats, two dead hens and one dead rooster.

One cat was decapitated, while the other was in a box.

An officer noted that it looked like one cat tried to eat the other one because there was no food available for these poor souls.

The hens and rooster were found in cages wired shut.

The apartment was covered with feces and trash and it was simply unfit for humans or animals to live in.

It was not possible to perform a necropsy because the state of decomposition of the animals was too advanced.

Police say the pair were staying at a motel for the last couple of months and left the animals unattended.

When these heartless and soulless individuals were questioned, the mother told investigators that she had been in surgery in early October and could not take care of the animals.

Her son told them that they did not have adequate transportation to go to the house and take care of them.

The DAVISES are being held in lieu of $20,000 bail.

A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for Monday, December 14.

A decent human being would have made arrangements with a shelter before taking off and leaving behind breathing beings without food!

These two subjects are not humane, and they deserve to rot in a cage wired shut without food and water and to let them eat each other’s head!

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