MATTHEW COLE FOX caught on camera while killing his girlfriend’s dog out on bail

- Florida, Pinellas County, USA -

The story may be upsetting for some of you.

21-year-old MATTHEW COLE FOX (pictured below), of Largo, was arrested Tuesday, March 10, on felony charges of aggravated cruelty to animals and tampering with physical evidence after he killed his girlfriend’s dog.

The girlfriend’s mother set up a home surveillance camera in her Palm Harbor home because she suspected FOX of abusing her daughter’s dog.

On February 18, while the two ladies were not home, FOX picked up the pup and started agitating him causing him to bark and growl.

A deputy wrote in the arrest report: “Off camera you continue to hear the dog growling and barking until the dog lets out one last defensive bark and you hear a ‘thud’ noise.”

FOX can be seen in the footage moments later washing his hands at the kitchen sink.

He was then captured on camera “holding what appears to be a lifeless dog and walks off the camera,” states the report.

Reportedly, the Largo man was aware there was a camera in the living room, so he tried to hide the deceased furbaby behind his back as he went into a bedroom.

Before leaving the house, FOX callously and heartlessly left the body of the pup in the bedroom to make it look like a natural death.

When his girlfriend returned home, she made the devastating discovery and the authorities were alerted.

After deputies viewed the video, FOX was taken into custody but he is already out on bail which was set at $7,000.


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