MARLISA MCALMOND at it again and 17 more dogs have been removed in December

- Missouri, USA -

In Orange County, on Tuesday, December 29, the Humane Society of Missouri’s (HSMO) Animal Cruelty Task Force (ACT) removed 17 dogs from the residence of an unlicensed breeder and repeat offender identified as MARLISA MCALMOND, of Cedar Ridge Australians.

Three dogs have been left with MCALMOND.

The Humane Society reports that: “The dogs rescued from the property are mostly medium-to-large breeds, mainly Australian Shepherds, Australian Terriers and other designer mixes, that have been living in chronic substandard conditions for long periods of time. The dogs are being taken to HSMO’s Macklind Avenue location in St. Louis where they will receive professional and compassionate veterinary care and rehabilitation.“

Many furbabies have eye infections, ear infections, and dental disease.

Ms. Kathy Warnick, president of the Humane Society of Missouri, said: “These putrid, inhumane conditions are a sad reality for many animals in the possession of an irresponsible breeder and we’ll continue to fight for, rescue and rehabilitate these abused animals, while promoting animal welfare legislation in our community.”

The Humane Society of Missouri had dealt with MCALMOND before and some of you may remember that Voice For Us published the post on October 9.

On that occasion, MCALMOND agreed to give up custody of more than 80 dogs, however, shortly before the Missouri Department of Agriculture arrived at her property, MCALMOND had already transferred 60 dogs to third parties and euthanized 21.

MCALMOND keeps breeding and selling innocent souls.

What does it take to throw this despicable female in prison and let her rot?

Pictures shared from Humane Society of Missouri

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