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MARGARET ALLANSON finally facing cruelty to animals charges after 211 dogs were rescued

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

- Tennessee, USA -

January 22, 2012 - UPDATE:

Kelly Basham with Guardians of Rescue told Channel 9 that all of the dogs recovered from the scene have tested positive for heartworms.

Kelly said that several pregnant dogs had emergency caesarian sections, and some of the puppies didn't make it.

She also told Channel 9: “We're not looking at a good situation with these dogs.”

Sadly, since the rescue, at least seven of the dogs have died and 217 are still holding on.

There are no updates on whether or not ALLANSON appeared in court on January 19.

~ Original story:

In 2012, the Grundy County Sheriff’s Office was called to the property of 72-year-old MARGARET ALLANSON (pictured below), when she had over 100 dogs, but Sheriff Clint Shrum says she was not prosecuted.

Nine years later, here we are, reading about 211 dogs rescued from what has been described as a “bone yard”, and ALLANSON is finally facing cruelty to animal charges.

NewsChannel9 reports that between Saturday, January 16, and Sunday, January 17, “with the help of 13 animal rescue organizations, the Grundy County Sheriff's Office performed an extraction at the property on Swiss Colony Cemetery Road.”

Sheriff Shrum says over the years, the home had become a dump site for stray dogs that eventually turned into a puppy mill, and according to him, attempts were previously made to work with ALLANSON on a voluntary basis.

Those attempts were unsuccessful, and deputies ultimately served a search warrant and charged ALLANSON.

Sheriff Shrum told NewsChannel9 he isn’t sure why the previous administration didn’t do anything, including getting ALLANSON medical help. He says they had no clue this home became a breeding ground for profit.

Among the rescue organizations that stepped in to help out, is a Tracy City-based nonprofit called Dogs On Borrowed Time.

Some of its volunteers, Cynthis Turner, Meghan, and Treena were there and have recounted their experience on their Facebook page.

In a post while announcing the arrest of ALLANSON, they rightfully took a strong stand against the whole situation and wrote: “These pictures speak loud and clear as to the hell these poor dogs endured day in and day out. The lady who lived in this mess has been arrested. And to all the locals defending her, just stop. This is what backyard breeding looks like. She sold puppies for $375 each on To anyone who purchased a pup from Maggiedog (LSN user ID) this is what you supported. Today is the first time in my life I have literally been standing in a bone yard. Yes we were there yesterday but today so many more bones were found. Hundreds of deceased animals on this property. I can’t even begin to explain the smell. My eyes and throat are on fire tonight from breathing all this mess in for two days. There are still several dogs we will be working on trapping. Hopefully no more than 5-8 more to go. This is not okay. I am so thankful this is finally being handled properly and legally. We will be testifying to make sure this never happens again.”

Cynthia told NewsChannel9: “Grundy County doesn’t have animal control at all, and does not have a shelter.”

Other rescue crews told NewsChannel9 that it's a resource problem, as they continue to lean on other counties and states for help.

MARGARET ALLANSON is scheduled to appear in General Session court on Tuesday, January 19.

Pictures shared from NewsChannel9 and Dogs On Borrowed Time.

Story on Voice For Us Facebook page

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