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Make animal abusers serve the furry homeless while they are serving time

With this appeal, Voice For Us wants to reach out to wardens nationwide who have animal abusers in their facilities.

Voice For Us firmly believes that not only should animal abusers not be allowed to be around any animal for the rest of their lives, but that they must serve animals during their imprisonment in addition to the sentence they have received.

Our streets are full of homeless cats and dogs who struggle on a daily basis to find shelter in extreme weather conditions, they struggle to find food, they are exposed to abuse, traffic hazards, and much more!

Voice For Us asks that animal abusers build shelters for the furry homeless, which can then be donated to rescue organizations.

This would provide helpless and vulnerable souls with safe shelter which is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It follows that less stray cats would risk harm seeking shelter under vehicles.

While Voice For Us recognizes that this is NOT a permanent solution, there is no excuse for abandoning strays to such adversities.

Voice For Us strongly believes that it is unacceptable for innocent animals to face hardships, especially when many of them find themselves in these situations due to neglect, abuse, or as a result of not being spayed/neutered in the first instance!

Lawmakers ought to come up with a thorough plan which aims to rehome existing strays and ensure better control of the stray population.

In this way we can work towards solving the problem now and in the future.

I hope that Voice For Us’ appeal will be supported and implemented by decision makers in jails and prisons and will meet the favor of many.

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