LOREN CAVA witnessed by neighbors abusing her dogs - Alachua County Animal Services where are you?

- Florida, USA -

WCJB reports that Gainesville residents believe LOREN CAVA (pictured below), “is responsible for causing pain and abuse to multiple dogs inside and outside her home.”

Neighbors have witnessed CAVA dragging her dogs and hitting them multiple times.

Neighbors say they often hear dogs crying and howling coming from inside CAVA’s home on Northwest 24th Avenue.

CAVA even demonstrated to a Gainesville Police officer and a Alachua County Animal Services officer how she walks her dogs.

Public records show that dozens of neighbors have continually alerted animal control, they have sent videos and pictures as evidence, and they have filled out affidavits.

So, why is this situation still ongoing?

According to neighbors, the response they keep getting is always the same, and that is there is an open investigation, and CAVA complying with Alachua County Animal Services orders.

Amanda Bernuth however, one of the residents, has not seen any changes.

As reported by WCJB, in April, an officer with the Gainesville Police Department expressed concern about the dogs well-being and said: “I don’t think she hates these dogs. I think she loves them, but she is going to kill them.”

WCJB further reports that an officer with Alachua County Animal Services said: “I’m totally frustrated with this myself because it has gone so long.”

Ed Williams is the Animal Services Director at Alachua County Animal Services and he sent a statement to TV20 which in part reads: “There is an open investigation into these allegations. The owner of the dogs has been issued an order to provide care by Alachua County Animal Services due to the physical conditions of her dogs.”

There are documents filed against CAVA dating back to 1997 and if the authorities do not intervene, they will be picking up carcasses.

WCJB tried to speak with CAVA as she was walking her dogs and riding her bike, but she did not stop for comment.

I came across two different petitions addressed to Alachua County Animal Services and Gainesville Police Department urging them to remove the dogs from CAVA’s property.

Let’s make it happen! Thank you!

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