LEWIEL IRMANI arrested after he repeatedly hit his girlfriend’s dog causing her severe injuries

- Illinois, USA -

On Saturday evening, September 5, the VCA Arboretum View Animal Hospital in Downers Grove called Woodbridge Police to report that a dog who was brought in had been abused.

Police found out the 7-year-old female Shih Tzu named Bella, had been brought in by her guardian and her boyfriend, 25-year-old LEWIEL IRMANI (pictured), of 52 Churn Road in Matteson.

Bella’s guardian told police that on Saturday, when she went back home after work, she found Bella lying lifeless in the corner.

Police say IRMANI was home with Bella and when she went potty on the floor, he “whooped her in the mouth” five times with a belt.

Patch reports that veterinarians say Bella “suffered from three rib fractures on the right side and air pocketing under the skin, as well as rib fractures on the left side, a fracture to the left eye socket, a bleeding broken incisor tooth, bruising around the dorsal pelvis, and a bleeding back molar tooth broken in the gumline.”

Due to the extensive injuries that Bella sustained, she is unable to close her mouth and therefore the only way to feed her and give her water is by using a syringe.

As reported by Patch, “DuPage County State's Attorney Robert Berlin called the beating "incomprehensible," saying it left the small dog with extremely serious injuries.”

Bella, and the other dog at the couple’s home are now at Naperville Animal Control.

Mr. Berlin said: “We take charges of animal cruelty very seriously and anyone accused of such acts will face serious felony charges.”

Well, we all know too well that ultimately, it’s up to judges to show that animal cruelty is taken seriously.

In this case, judge JOSHUA DIEDEN made a mockery out of animal cruelty.

The state asked for a bond of $150,000, but Judge JOSHUA DIEDEN set bond at $20,000, meaning the lowlife who hit a defenseless dog gets to post 10 percent, or $2,000, to be released.

Judge DIEDEN you are a joke and a disgrace!!!

The DuPage County State's Attorney's Office wrote in a Facebook post that IRMANI's next court appearance is scheduled for October 5, 2020, for arraignment in front of Judge Alex McGimpsey.

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