LEAH HILLIS MICHAELS arrested in connection with the death of her dog

- Arkansas, USA -

On Thursday, October 15, Hot Springs Village Police Department arrested 36-year-old LEAH HILLIS MICHAELS (pictured below), for felony animal cruelty in relation to the death of her dog.

The Sentinel-Record reports that according to the probable cause affidavit, on September 1, police received a report about an injured dog on the side of a road.

Officers responded to Fresco Road near La Mancha Way and found MICHAELS and a black Labradoodle.

The furbaby appeared “to be suffering, malnourished and dehydrated.”

At first, MICHAELS told police she had found the dog and when she noticed he was injured, she called Hot Springs Village Animal Control.

Since they were “gone for the day”, she reached out to the police for help.

Officers took the furbaby to the animal shelter.

Reportedly, the following day the dog was discovered dead and the bowls of food and water untouched.

The version that MICHAELS gave to police about the dog soon was denied by a friend of hers who came forward and told police what really happened.

The witness told officers that not only MICHAELS was the guardian of the dog, but she was aware that the furbaby was suffering and told her friend she was going to take the dog to the vet.

Instead, MICHAELS cruelly dropped the poor soul on the side of the road and then played the part of the Good Samaritan who called the police.

But that’s not all.

The witness told police that MICHAELS had other dogs and cats at her home on Murcia Place.

The Sentinel-Record does not mention whether the other animals were removed.

I will contact the Hot Springs Village Police Department and inquire.

MICHAELS was arrested on charges of aggravated cruelty to a dog, cat or horse, punishable by up to six years in prison.

She was released after posting a $2,500 bond.

She is scheduled to appear in Garland County District Court on November 9.

UPDATE – October 19, 2020

My emails received a response and I learned that: “The remaining dogs were taken to a veterinarian for treatment, and will be housed at the Hot Springs Village Animal Services for the course of the investigation.”

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