LAURANCE BRANDON BOYLES arrested for dragging a dog behind a car to death

- North Carolina, USA -

36-year-old LAURANCE BRANDON BOYLES (pictured below), of Lexington, was arrested on Friday, September 4, on animal cruelty charges.

Davidson County Sheriff’s Office says that BOYLES tied a mixed-breed dog to the back of his green Ford Explorer in the 1000 block of Hill Road and then he mercilessly dragged the furbaby until the dog died.

The Dispatch reports that the Sheriff’s Office said BOYLES “was arrested after authorities conducted a traffic stop on a car matching the description of the one used to drag the dog.”

This murderer was charged with felony cruelty to animals and was only given a $5,000 secured bond.

BOYLES is scheduled to appear in court on October 5, and according to legal documents, he is not allowed to own any animals until his case is heard.

Voice For Us believes that animal abusers should not have the option of posting bail/bond and should remain in custody until their trial.

A new law that prevents animal abusers from posting bail/bond is urgently needed!

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