KRISTIE LYNN CHAU and DAVID J. WEITOISH arrested after videos emerged showing sexual acts on a dog

- Pennsylvania, USA -

Clearfield Police Department say that a man and a woman have been arrested and are facing criminal charges for making sexual content with a dog.

33-year-old KRISTIE LYNN CHAU and 42-year-old DAVID J. WEITOISH are the parties involved in the charges.

Reportedly, when they used to be a couple, WEITOISH videotaped CHAU while engaging in sexual acts with a dog.

When they broke up and she moved out in July 2018, WEITOISH started sending the videos to other women to get revenge.

On January 30, one of the women came forward and sent the video and the pictures she received, to the state police.

In August 2019, a second witness came forward and sent videos and pictures she had received from WEITOISH to the police.

The investigation led to WEITOISH whose address is now listed as Ocala, Florida.

The pair have been charged with animal cruelty, obscene and other sexual materials, and performances, in addition to several other charges.

Both are scheduled to appear for a preliminary hearing April 29 during centralized court at the Clearfield County Jail.



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