- Texas, USA -

FINALLY, 18-year-old KIMBERLY IVONAE DIAZ (pictured below) is where she belongs, behind bars in the Cherokee County Jail.

This extremely sick and cruel female was arrested on December 24, and charged with one count of cruelty to animals and one count of possession of marijuana.

Back in April DIAZ shot her dog 10 times, proudly posted the horrific torture on her Snapchat account, and then wrote: “10 shots and still not dead.”

In the video the poor dog can be heard whimpering and sadly later lost his precious life.

One resident quite rightfully said: “If you’re shooting a dog 10 times, you’re doing that on purpose to make that dog suffer and that’s just…that’s just horrible.”

Another resident, Madison Zavala, confronted DIAZ through messages as soon as she saw the video.

DIAZ confessed to the shooting.

At that point Madison reported the gruesome video and the killer’s confession to the New Summerfield Police Department.

Madison and other residents were outraged by apathy from the local authorities and did the only thing they could do, kept up public pressure.

Eventually, the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office announced it would investigate.

Thankfully, Madison did not look the other way and took this harrowing case to social media.

Although Madison like many out there is relieved that this monster is locked up, the question is: why did it take so long?

Thank you, Madison for fighting for a voiceless being.

His killer is entitled to be defended in a court of law so, it will be up to the judge to defend the victim!!!


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