KEVIN DANIEL VESTERBERG charged but not arrested after abused and dead animals found on a farm

- Kansas, USA -

Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS) reports that on May 24, 2021, its investigators alerted the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office to animals who were in a severe state of neglect on one of VIRGIL VESTERBERG’s properties.

At least 60 animals, including three rabbits, were in a state of neglect: emaciated sheep and goats, a sheep with hooves over a foot long, a sheep with a bloody prolapse, several limping animals, and a rabbit with an oozing eye infection. Dozens of sheep and goat remains were in various states of decomposition on the property, with countless bones on the property. Food and water were not available to live animals”, reports CAPS.

Responding Deputy Tyler VanCoevern contacted VIRGIL VESTERBERG and told him to provide the animals with food and water.

Deputy VanCoevern then released the animals who were being kept in pens so that those capable of walking out could get access to plants outside their corrals.

As reported by CAPS, Deputy VanCoevern has gone to the property every day to keep an eye on the animals, and bring them food and water.

Deputy VanCoevern even arranged for a veterinarian to go to the property for more documentation.

The veterinary, David Keith Wallace, DVM, from Sunflower Veterinary Service in Minneapolis, finally showed up on May 29.

All the evidence and documentation were submitted to Ottawa County District Attorney Richard Buck.

On June 4, 2021, Buck charged KEVIN DANIEL VESTERBERG with 10 counts of animal cruelty. Despite the many dead bodies and skeletal remains on the property, there are no charges for the dead animals, who most likely perished due to starvation, dehydration and untreated diseases and infections. KEVIN DANIEL VESTERBERG was not arrested.

The abused, injured, and neglected animals are still on the farm and they have not yet received any veterinary care.

At his preliminary hearing on June 15, the court granted KEVIN DANIEL VESTERBERG a continuance until July 13.

As reported by WIBW, Undersheriff Russ Thornton told CAPS’ Director Debbie Miller that the Sheriff’s Office does not intend to take any of the animals off the property, even though they do not believe veterinary care has been provided.

Under Kansas Article 64, Subsection 21-6412 (e), law enforcement, veterinarians, incorporated humane societies, shelters and other appropriate animal care facilities are allowed to take custody of animals where evidence of cruelty is available.

This is simply outrageous! I have seen the pictures and watched the videos of the poor animals. If they are going to stay on the property, in a few days there will be no live animals to remove!

CAPS has retained an attorney to petition the court on their behalf so that the organization can take control of all the VOICELESS VICTIMS.

The poor animals have the right to get healthy and CAPS plans to place them into sanctuaries where they can peacefully live their lives.

If you wish and can afford to make a donation to help CAPS cover the legal and veterinary expenses for this horrific case, please click here. Thank you!

KEVIN DANIEL VESTERBERG is expected back in court on August 24.

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WIBW – June 7, 2021

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