KEONTRA LAMONTE SANDERS arrested after dogs used in fights found in deplorable condition

- Louisiana, USA -

The East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office arrested 27-year-old KEONTRA LAMONTE SANDERS (pictured below – via Facebook), after deputies found dogs kept in “deplorable” conditions to be used in fights.

The Advocate reports that according to booking documents, deputies received a tip about illegal activities in a property on Cypress Dale Avenue in Baton Rouge, including dogfighting and narcotics.

Following the tip, the Special Community Anti-Crime Team watched the residence and SANDERS was observed “going up to various cars and conducting hand-to-hand exchanges”, reports The Advocate.

After stopping two of the cars, deputies made narcotics arrests.

On Tuesday, July 13, officials went back to the reported home and confronted SANDERS in the driveway.

Officers asked SANDERS to search his room for drugs and according to the report he consented to the search.

In SANDERS’ room officials found marijuana.

Once in the kitchen, officers discovered five puppies.

Three of them were confined to one cage while the other two were being kept in separate cages.

In the backyard there were “seven more dogs kept indeplorable’ living conditions, chained in mud”, reports The Advocate.

According to the report, one dog was standing in a hole “filled with water up to his neck,” while another one was located in an outside closet beneath the carport “riddled with what appeared to be dog bites” and with a broken leg.

Deputies said all the dogs appeared to be thin and malnourished and they could not see food or water for the VOICELESS VICTIMS.

Animal control officers were then called in and noticed that the dogs seemed to be overworked from using a treadmill.

SANDERS denied being involved in dogfighting and selling marijuana.

Online records show SANDERS was arrested on Wednesday, July 14.

He was booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison and charged with six counts of aggravated cruelty to animals and two counts of drug possession.

According to online records SANDERS was released the following day.

I will never stop saying this: I loathe those subhumans involved in dogfighting, organizers and spectators!

You make a dishonest living out of innocent lives.

Get jobs and make clean money or use your own friends and relatives in fights and leave innocent animals alone!!!

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