KELVIN MCKENDRY jailed for murdering his dog and throwing a cat against a wall

- Derbyshire, United Kingdom -

A filthy and worthless murderer is not yet where he belongs.

Although 19-year-old KELVIN MCKENDRY (pictured below) is behind bars, he should really be rotting in hell.

MCKENDRY has MERCILESSLY beaten his British Bulldog named Marley to death, and has thrown a defenseless cat against a wall.

The SENSELESS and BRUTAL attack on Marley happened on February 13, 2020.

MCKENDRY then buried his victim in a nearby woodland.

A few days later Derbyshire Police received information leading them to where the furbaby was buried.

DerbyshireLive reports that “A pathologist's report concluded Marley had sufferedhorrificlife threatening injuries caused by multiple blunt force trauma.”

The life-threatening injuries suffered by Marley caused internal bleeding and shock, from which he ultimately died”, stated the medical report.

When RSPCA investigators went to MCKENDRY’s residence on Cotmanhay Road in Ilkeston, the murderer was not there.

The murderer was eventually tracked down five months later after he COWARDLY attacked another small being unable to fight back!

According to DerbyshireLive, on July 21, 2020, the RSPCA received a report of an injured cat in Rose Hill, Woodville, near Swadlincote.

RSPCA Inspector Rachel Leafe along with police responded to the scene and discovered a female cat who had been SENSELLESSLY and CRUELLY thrown against a wall resulting in a broken pelvis.

Inspector Leafe said: “Gypsy was also in a suffering state after McKendry threw her against a wall. She had emergency surgery and after weeks of cage rest I was pleased to hear she had made a good recovery at Derby’s Abbey Street Rehoming Centre.”

She then added: “Now called Aggi she has now been nursed back to health thanks to dedicated staff and has just moved into her forever home in the countryside.”

MCKENDRY was taken into custody for unrelated offenses and while in jail, he was charged with animal cruelty for Marley’s death and the attack on Aggi.

On April 19, 2021, in Derby Magistrate’s Court, MCKENDRY was sentenced to 19 weeks in jail for the murder of Marley and the injuries inflicted on Aggi.

The murderer pleaded guilty to two charges of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal and two charges of failing to take reasonable steps to ensure the needs of an animal for whom he was responsible.

The murderer also received a lifetime ban from keeping all animals.

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