KATREENA LYNN MARTIN and WAYNE MILO MARTIN arrested for dumping dogs on Texas Highway

- Atascosa County, Texas, USA -

28-year-old KATREENA LYNN MARTIN was a volunteer with the Atascosa County Animal Control (ACAC).

The shelter believed that the woman was saving several dogs by transporting them to be adopted.

It turned out that those poor dogs were being dumped instead along a stretch of highway in West Texas by the woman and her husband WAYNE MILO MARTIN.

At the same time, West Texas officials were investigating dogs being dumped on a stretch of a highway and posted pictures of the dogs.

KSAT reports that in December, the shelter through a Facebook post thanked the Martins for their help and posted pictures of the couple loading the furbabies into a gray Dodge minivan.

Many people matched the pictures of the dogs posted by the shelter with those published by newspapers as part of the police investigation and alerted the authorities.

At that point surveillance was set up at the ACAC.

Following a month-long investigation, the duo were finally arrested on charges of cruelty to animals non-livestock: abandon.

The wife was arrested on Thursday, October 3.

The husband turned himself in the following day into the Kimble County Sheriff’s Office.

TexasBreakingNews reports that most of these animals were rescued and have since been fostered thanks to Cow Dog Rescue out of San Angelo.


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