KARIM FATHI ELLAISY arrested after being seen in a video abusing a helpless pup in an elevator

- Florida, USA -

21-year-old KARIM FATHI ELLAISY (pictured below), was arrested Tuesday, February 4, on a charge of animal cruelty with the intent to injure or kill.

ELLAISY was caught on video abusing a helpless 6-month-old Siberian Husky, named Ajax, who is his roommate’s.

The footage shows the male walking into an elevator at the Brickell Heights building on 55 Southwest 9th Street in Miami.

At some point Ajax peed on the floor.

ELLAISY started yanking on his leash causing him to slam against the elevator wall.

The male then slapped Ajax multiple times and threw him against the other elevator door.

This happened on Thursday, January 30.

Residents at the apartment complex retrieved the video and sent it to 7News before it quickly made the rounds on social media.

Miami Police spokesman Mike Vega said: "Once our officers saw this they had enough evidence to go and make an arrest, they contacted the owner of the dog which wasn’t the person who committed the crime."

ELLAISY was booked into the Miami-Dade jail and was later released on bond!

A Miami-Dade County Animal Services spokesperson said Ajax was examined by a vet and was then returned to his dad who shares the apartment with ELLAISY!

This is what ELLAISY’s attorney Richard Cooper said about his client: “This is a regrettable situation for my client. This is a case involving someone who is young and inexperienced with training puppies. The video is disturbing to my client as it is not who he is." "My client is being judged for the one moment in his life that he lost his cool and made a very bad choice. I am representing Karim because I know that people have bad days and do things they later deeply regret.”

Voice For Us’ note: Attorney Cooper, I understand your job involves defending criminals even with evidence of their crimes is right there in front of you, but please, do not call this animal abuse “a regrettable situation”!!!!!! Do not call this worthless animal abuser “young and inexperienced with training puppies” because that makes you worse than ELLAISY. You stated you have a dog and are an animal lover. Is that what you do to the dog when you have bad days? Do you strike him? In that case your furbaby is NOT SAFE WITH YOU! How dare you justify animal cruelty???

Let me tell you something else, one day you might find yourself defending this scum again for striking his children for pooing outside of their diapers!!!!!!!!!

7News Miami reports that ELLAISY’s court date is set for February 28, and animal activist from Saving Sage Animal Rescue plan to show up with a message.

Some of you may find the video hard to watch.



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