Kangaroo shot by an arrow in Lysterfield Park in Melbourne

- Australia -

What does it take for wildlife in Australia to find peace?

Not only the bushfires have killed, destroyed, and decimated millions of innocent animals and their homes, sadly mankind contributes to the existing plight.

A kangaroo has been shot by an arrow in Lysterfield Park in Melbourne, “a place where kangaroos are meant to be safe and protected. But there is no such thing when it comes to human behaviour”, wrote the Five Freedoms Animal Rescue in their Facebook post.

The post continues to say: “Thanks to the brilliant work of wildlife rescuers Sue Johnston, Paul Jones and Sarah Cooke, this big buck was captured and rushed to Woofpurnay Veterinary Hospital where he was treated by Dr Gary Stapleton. The arrow penetrated the kangaroo’s leg and its tip caused serious injury to the kangaroo’s neck. After surgery, the kangaroo, named Frank, was transported to our shelter, a 2 hour drive, and was placed into our last empty enclosure.”

Whoever did this has shown total disregard for what the country is going through. Animals and people have lost and are still losing their lives and their homes.

Men and women in the forces are risking their lives to save others and yet there is room for senseless cruelty.

Pictures via Five Freedoms Animal Rescue


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