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Juvenile charged in connection with cat abuse captured on Ring door bell video

- South Carolina, USA -

After a Ring doorbell video circulated on Facebook showing an innocent cat being abused by two juveniles, the Dorchester County Sheriff's Office launched an investigation and Pet Helpers Adoption Shelter and Spay/Neuter Clinic offered a $1,000 reward for information leading to a criminal conviction. The organization said in a Facebook post: “Pet Helpers, along with other community members, are working diligently to help this feline with the much needed veterinary care.”

The incident happened on Saturday, February 18, 2023.

The disturbing video shows two juveniles walking up to the front porch of a home on 605 Bob O Link Court in Ladson. One of the two scum is then seen picking up the cat and slamming her into the concrete ground. The senseless and cruel act was very amusing for the two individuals as they were laughing during and after the abuse inflicted upon the defenseless cat.

According to WCBD, after the video was shared online, an 8-year-old boy named Holden and his mom found the cat in a yard on Sunday, and Holden decided to name the furbaby Eevee. Holden explained Eeve was a “Pokémon name.”

The following day, Holden and his mom took Eeve to Pet Helpers. WCBD reports: “ The cat does not appear to have any visible major problems.”

Pet Helpers’ Marketing Manager, JJ Steele, explained to WCIV that the cat appeared to be in decent shape on the outside, but x-rays will be taken. “We did, however, just find out the cat is microchipped, so it may have a home and a homeowner who is desperately looking for their cat,” said Steele.

An update on Eeve was posted by LowCountry Animal Rescue a few hours ago. Part of the post reads: “Eevee is safe and is doing well in a foster home. Her foster mom says: ‘Plenty of treats and cat towers in a sunroom all her own! She’s a snugglebug! And, of course, she wants to be on my desk while I am working!’”

Eeve was examined by a veterinarian at the Sweetgrass Animal Hospital and the good news is that she does not appear to have any broken bones. LowCountry Animal Rescue advised that they are waiting for a specialist to confirm. The organization also said that Eeve “is in a bit of pain, most likely consistent with bruising. Pain meds have been started to make her more comfortable.”

Joy Davis, Director of LowCountry Animal Rescue, said: “It’s just not actions that you would anticipate seeing from another human being. But the thing is, is the public is tired of it. The public is wanting people to know, and people like this, we are done letting it be acceptable behavior.”

In connection with this case, the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office has formally charged one of the two individuals with animal cruelty. No details have been released regarding the other scum.

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Eeve's pictures shared from LowCountry Animal Rescue.

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