JUSTIN LEON FIELD charged with animal cruelty and other multiple counts of assault

- Montana, USA -

On Thursday, December 31, in the Missoula County Detention Center 30-year-old JUSTIN LEON FIELD (pictured below), was booked on animal cruelty charges among other offences.

ABC FOX Montana reports that according to court documents a woman told a Missoula County deputy that FIELD abused her and animals at a residence in Huson.

According to the woman, FIELD threatened to break her arm, pulled her hair, and threw her into a tinder box. This was not an isolated incident.

She showed the deputy a video in which FIELD is seen repeatedly hitting a defenseless dog he had previously cornered in a fenced area.

This was not the first time this individual abused the dog because the woman also said that on one occasion, he beat the pup with a cowboy boot until the frightened dog defecated and almost became motionless.

On Thursday, a judge set bail at $25,000.

If FIELD posts bond, the conditions are that he must stay at least 1500 feet away from the victim and her residence, cannot contact the woman, and may not have any weapons.

FIELD will also be monitored by GPS.

ABC FOX Montana also reports that: “Social media and video accounts online seem to indicate Field is an avid hunter who runs outdoor/hunting related Facebook and Vimeo pages. Many of the posts indicate he owns hound dogs”.

Hopefully all the dogs will be removed.


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