JOSHUA R. PIKE and BRANDON M. HOOPER charged with animal cruelty after video shows dog being abused

- New York, St. Lawrence County, USA -

According to a press release by the New York State Police, on Wednesday, October 21, police responded to several calls in reference to a disturbing video posted on social media.

The video shows two males binding a dog’s front legs with duct tape and then kicking the defenseless furbaby.

The victim is a 7-year-old Pitbull named Roscoe.

The despicable individuals have been identified as 30-year-old JOSHUA R. PIKE, of Heuvelton, and 22-year-old BRANDON M. HOOPER, of Depeyster.

NNY 360 reports that as soon as the video started circulating online, Ms. Jolen R. Pike got in the car and rushed to the place where the horror took place.

Ms. Pike is the sister-in-law of JOSHUA R. PIKE.

Reportedly, she has known him for a long time, but she does not have a relationship with him anymore.

NNY 360 also reports that Ms. Pike said her two kids are attached to Roscoe, and in the past, she has tried to get custody of him.

She also said Roscoe is known for greeting everyone with that Pitbull smile as he wags his tail.

According to Ms. Pike, when she went to PIKE’s house and pulled in his driveway, he came to the door and she went inside.

She found Roscoe in a crate made out of pallets and PIKE used a power drill to unscrew the side and let Roscoe out.

PIKE then gave his siter-in-law Roscoe’s leash, collar, and some food before she left with Roscoe.

Shortly after she left, police arrived at the house and found a second dog in the property, a 1-year-old mix-breed named Lewis.

Lewis was uninjured and was taken by Ogdensburg dog control, where he will remain for the time being as the case continues.

When Ms. Pike went back home, police called her and said they want to take Roscoe into their custody, but she told them not to come.

An officer however went to the home anyway to check on Roscoe’s condition.

The officer noted that Roscoe was and still is emaciated, but overall was doing OK and seemed happy.

As a result, Ms. Pike now has Roscoe and she has called a vet to schedule an appointment for shots, getting him registered and anything else Roscoe might need.

Roscoe has a history of abuse.

JOSHUA R. PIKE took him from someone who was allegedly abusing him.

Roscoe still has a scar several inches long, on his right side, which Ms. Pike said was from his previous guardian.

She said: “Now four or five years later, Josh is doing the same thing that he took him out of.”

Now that Ms. Pike has Roscoe, she has to move into her husband’s home because her current landlord does not allow animals.

Many people are concerned that Roscoe will be abused again simply because his new mom is a Pike!

JOSHUA R. PIKE and BRANDON M. HOOPER were both taken into custody and charged with one count each of aggravated cruelty to animals under the Agriculture and Markets Law.

They were then released with appearance tickets to appear in the Town of Oswegatchie Court on October 22, 2020.

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