JOSHUA N. LENEWEAVER arrested for brutally killing the family Chihuahua

- Pennsylvania, USA -

41-year-old JOSHUA N. LENEWEAVER (pictured below), was arrested after his wife called the police on him for throwing the family dog against the wall and then killing him with an ax.

The pup, a Chihuahua named Pip, was brutally killed by LENEWEAVER simply because he did not want to use the bathroom outdoors.

The tiny furbaby was slammed against the wall resulting in injuries to his head.

As if that was not cruel enough, the accused then grabbed an ax and severed Pip’s head.

State Police responded to the scene in the 900 block of Manatawny Road in Earl Township on Monday evening, February 17.

After officers searched the house, they found a bloodied ax with hair on it and Pip’s body in the garbage.

The offender was arraigned before Senior District Judge Thomas M. Gauby Sr. in Reading Central Court and charged with felony aggravated cruelty to animals.

LENEWEAVER was then sent to Berks County Prison in lieu of $2,500 bond.


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