JOSHUA HUNKINS was issued a citation for animal cruelty after being caught on video kicking his dog

Updated: Oct 13

- Nebraska, USA -

UPDATE: October 13, 2021

On September 30, in Lancaster County Court, 44-years-old JOSHUA HUNKINS was found not guilty after in March he was caught on camera kicking his dog, a Pitbull named Cain, in DE Guns parking lot.

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~ Original story:

On February 25, the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office wrote in a Facebook post that they were aware of a complaint of animal abuse that happened in the parking lot of DEGuns east of Lincoln, on February 24.

The Sheriff’s Office informed that deputies had been assigned and were investigating the incident.

In an update, the Sheriff’s Office explained that on the day of the incident, at approximately noon, a deputy responded to DE Guns at 252 N. 134th Street after a witness saw a male kick a dog by the passenger side of a pickup truck.

The video shows the evil monster throwing the poor furbaby in the bed of the truck when he’s done kicking him.

The incident was filmed and the video was promptly uploaded on social media.

The deputy made contact with the furbaby’s guardian.

According to the Sheriff’s post, “The dog is an alpha male, and sometimes requires physical discipline. The dog is an 80 lb pit bull and would not obey his [guardian’s] commands. The dog was examined and did not have any injuries.”

At first, the poor Pitbull was not removed and his guardian was not charged.

The Sheriff’s Office explained why and wrote: “The relevant state statutes, N.R.S. 28-1008 definescruelly mistreatasknowingly and intentionally kill, maim, disfigure, beat, mutilate, burn, scald, or otherwise inflict any harm upon any animal”. N.R.S. 28-1009 prohibits a person fromcruelly mistreatingan animal. We do not believe the actions of the owner of the pit bull meet the statutory requirements to be able to cite him.”

At the very least this makes you wonder, what if a parent had been seen slapping or kicking a child and the child had no injuries, would the child have been left with the abusive parent?

On March 1, an update into this case was posted on Facebook and part of it reads: “After completing the investigation and consulting with the Lancaster County Attorney’s Office, Joshua Hunkins was issued a citation by the Sheriff’s Office for animal cruelty.

During the investigation, Cain, the dog involved, was taken to an area veterinarian where he was examined. During this exam, Cain was determined to be in good health and had no injuries.”

KLKNTV reports that DEGuns employee, Trayten Grubb, went outside to confront HUNKINS.

Mr. Grubb said: “Very colorfully he told me it was his property and he can do what he wants. It was the most disgusting thing I have ever seen.”

What if the Lancaster County Attorney’s Office had denied the citation?

What does JOSHUA HUNKINS do at home when no one watches?

And, I need to ask, why was HUNKINS at DEGuns????

KLKNTV reports that HUNKINS told Channel 8 Eyewitness News over the phone that he kicked the furbaby because he “was acting like a total a–hole.”

I’m not saying it was right,” he told Channel 8 Eyewitness News.

HUNKINS said his family has been “harassed” since the video was shared online.

He declined an on-camera interview.

So, by this scum’s logic, children who act like a totala–holecan also be kicked and I wonder whether as a child he was ever kicked for acting like a totala–hole.”

We know who the reala–hole is here!!!

Thank you, Mr. Grubb for stepping in!

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