JOSE M. BELTRAN arrested in connection with horrific abuse inflicted on a puppy

- Arizona, USA -

When you were a child, has anyone read to you bedtime stories involving monsters?

As a parent, have you ever read to your children stories involving monsters?

I answer yes to both.

Now I can see those monsters coming out of the books’ pages and living among us.

The Phoenix Police Department wrote in a Facebook post that a concerned citizen reported a horrific case of animal cruelty to Arizona Humane Society (AHS) involving this 6-month-old puppy.

Back in June a video surfaced showing a male monster cruelly and cowardly abusing the defenseless furbaby and officers have been trying to track down the abuser and rescue the victim.

On Saturday, August 8, the Department joined AHS in the investigation.

Officials then went to a neighborhood near 39th Avenue and Buckeye Road and located the puppy who had been subjected to senseless torture.

The innocent soul “had been slammed, thrown, kicked, and suffered a fractured rib and a laceration”, wrote the Department.

That monster was identified as 41-year-old JOSE M. BELTRAN (pictured below).

BELTRAN faces an animal cruelty felony charge and a failure to provide medical treatment misdemeanor.

The puppy is expected to make a full recovery and remains in the care of AHS.

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