JOSE LUGO OCARANZA accused of murdering dog with machete walks free out of jail

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On March 21, an innocent homeless dog was murdered in Los Mochis, Sinaloa.

The victim was known in the neighborhood as “Rodolfo Corazón” and was described to be friendly and playful.

The video of a male attacking and murdering the furbaby with a machete went viral on social media sparking understandable outrage.

The murderer told authorities that the dog had bitten his girlfriend days earlier.

Although newspapers have referred to the murderer as José ‘N’, Twitter user L U Z, posted a picture of the killer and his girlfriend identified as JOSE LUGO OCARANZA and ADRIANA CASTAÑEDA respectively.

The newspaper “Dia Noticias” has published the Tweets and the video of the incident.

Reportedly, OCARANZA, a student at a Sinaloa university, went to look for Rodolfo Corazón where he knew he would be, in the neighborhood where he was loved and fed by the residents.

OCARANZA cowardly attacked Rodolfo Corazón and took his precious life.

Mexico News Daily reports that the killer’s girlfriend “took to social media in his defense, saying the dog had attacked her days earlier and injured her face and hands.”

CASTAÑEDA claimed on her Facebook account that medical treatments for her injuries had cost 8,000 pesos (US $400) and posted pictures of the injuries caused by the dog’s bites, according to Mexico News Daily.

Many residents and animal activists from Pachuca, Hidalgo, participated to the demonstration that was organized to demand justice for Rodolfo Corazón and with the intent to put pressure on the authorities.

Many of them showed up carrying placards and with their own furbabies who were also wearing signs demanding justice.

Sadly, Rodolfo Corazón did not receive any justice because, as reported by The Yucatan Times, his murderer walked out of prison after 11 days of incarceration.

The murder of an innocent dog who could not fight back was not considered a serious act of animal cruelty by the judge.

The Yucatan Times further reports that: “JoséNmust go to court periodically, where he will face his process and receive psychological assistance.”

The news outlet reports: “On Sunday, May 9th, only 10 days later, the man was set free, due to the fact that the judge did not consider that killing a dog with a machete was aserious fault’.”

Sin Embargo reports that Gabriela López Juárez, who is a lawyer and the general director of Fundación Laika, pointed out that the arrest of Rodolfo Corazón’s murderer was only a set-up by the authorities due to media pressure from society.

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