JON ROBERT WILCOX arrested after being caught on video repeatedly punching his defenseless dog

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A gut-wrenching video circulating online showing a defenseless dog being repeatedly punched and unable to fight back, prompted Kent Animal Control to launch an investigation.

The investigation successfully led to the arrest of 25-years-old JON ROBERT WILCOX (pictured below).

The incident was recorded on Friday, October 1, and it happened outside of Fide Freight, WILCOX’s workplace, along Elizabeth Avenue NW.

News 8 received a copy of the video which shows WILCOX calling his dog, Higgins, to him and when the furbaby sits by WILCOX’s legs, WILCOX starts punching Higgins, at least eight times. WILCOX then can be seen lifting Higgins up off the floor by his collar and throwing him in the back of a pickup truck.

The man filming the incident on his cell phone can be heard saying: “That was bad.”

He told News 8 “he heard yelling, which prompted him to grab his phone. When he looked toward the noise, he says, he saw the man trying to get a dog to come to him. The dog wouldn’t. Eventually, the man punched it.”

An officer with Kent County Animal Shelter went out to the business to investigate, but the man and dog were gone.

Angela Hollinshead, Kent County Animal Shelter Director, said in a statement: “We are grateful to the witnesses who informed us about this incident. We are working closely with the appropriate law enforcement agencies to ensure the welfare of this animal.”

News 8 reports that Fide Freight issued a statement and part of it read: “Fide doesn’t stand by this behavior and has since released this employee. … Fide very much loves our furry community in the office and provides our critters with their own beds, treats and love from our employees daily.”

Fide Freight also stated: “We have also committed to donating to a few local shelters in the Grand Rapids area. We understand this doesn’t make a difference to the situation that took place, but we hope to support the shelters that support the animals in need.”

Higgins was removed from WILCOX’s household and placed in the care of Kent County Animal Control until the case goes to court so, he is not available for adoption.

WILCOX was arrested in Ottawa County on the afternoon of Wednesday, October 6, and booked in the Kent County Jail.

The Kent County Prosecutor says WILCOX has been charged with animal cruelty, a misdemeanor punishable by 93 days in jail, a $1,000 fine and up to 200 hours of community service.

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