JESSICA WILSON faces criminal animal cruelty charges

- Florida, USA -

The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release that after receiving numerous complaints regarding possible animal neglect at 27003 Rochelle Road in Brooksville, Animal Enforcement Officers (AEO) attempted to maintain close contact with JESSICA WILSON (pictured below - via Facebook) to monitor the condition of her animals, four adult horses, and most recently a foal.

During the investigation it became clear that WILSON “either was failing to follow veterinary care instruction or was purposely neglecting her animals”, said the sheriff’s office.

According to the news release, WILSON “was minimally cooperative” at the beginning of the investigation and she did keep sporadic contact with AEO who had been assigned to this case.

WILSON even had her veterinarian, Dr. Sarah Quatman, on her property to provide veterinary care.

However, as the investigation progressed, WILSON “became uncooperative, refusing to speak with AEOs and refusing to allow them onto her property”, said the sheriff’s office.

In the meantime, the condition of the adult horses continued to deteriorate.

Furthermore, once the foal was born, he/she was never seen walking let alone thriving.

At that point, AEOs contacted Dr. Quatman to inquire about the condition of the horses and they learned that she had not been at WILSON’s property for about eight weeks and therefore the horses did not receive medical care for that period of time.

With this piece of information Deputy Laurel Gray obtained a search warrant for WILSON’s property which was executed in the morning of Thursday, June 24.

WILSON was not on scene during the execution of the search warrant.

Deputies, Animal Enforcement Officers, and a contracted Equine Veterinarian went to the property to discover three of the four adult horses in “various stages of malnourishment”, states the news release.

The fourth adult horse believed to have recently died, was not found.

Official then discovered the foal and a small puppy, lifeless, in a shallow grave on the property.

The veterinarian on site determined that the three adult horses had been neglected to the point of meeting criminal animal cruelty and were seized by the sheriff’s office.

The poor souls were then taken to a rescue for immediate treatment.

As for the foal and the puppy, both about 8-weeks-old, they were transported to the University of Florida, College of Veterinary Medicine, for further examination to determine cause of death.

Here is the part I do not get, according to the news release by the sheriff’s office, “A court hearing has been set to determine if Jessica Wilson is fit to own animals in the state of Florida.”

Is there a need for a court hearing to determine that this cruel individual is set to let innocent animals die!?!?!?!?

The sheriff’s office said that at this time, WILSON faces at least three counts of criminal animal cruelty with the potential of more charges to follow.

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