JESSICA LUMPKINS arrested after an emu was found dead

- Nashville, Tennessee, USA -

After an emu was discovered dead at McGavock High School, 33-year-old JESSICA LUMPKINS was arrested on Wednesday, November 13.

LUMPKINS is a science teacher at McGavock and is now facing a misdemeanor animal cruelty charge.

During an unexpected visit by the Public Health Department, animals in the school were found inadequately fed and the kennels were not clean.

At the time, the emu was still alive but was very thin and this concern was brought to LUMPKINS’ attention.

When officers went back to the school, the poor animal was dead.

According to animal control, four alpacas who were in LUMPKINS’ care died a few months ago and she was also cited with animal cruelty back then.

The tennessean reports that school system spokesperson Sean Braisted said that LUMPKINS was placed on leave the day after her arrest and another teacher took charge of the animals who are in the process of being removed.

Braisted said: "We hope to continue this program for the sake of the students, but not unless the welfare of the animals can be guaranteed."


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