JENNIFER STRACENER and CHRISTINA FANT arrested after neglected and dead animals found in a U-Haul

- Wyoming, Carbon County , USA -

44-year-old JENNIFER STRACENER and 42-year-old CHRISTINA FANT (both pictured below), who posed as an animal rescue group, have been cuffed on February 16, and charged with animal cruelty after neglected and dead animals were found in a U-Haul.

On February 15, the Rawlins Police Department received a report of a U-Haul full of dogs parked at an Econo Lodge motel for two days.

The caller said they hadn’t seen anyone attending to the animals in that period of time.

At the time the temperature was 23 degrees.

Responding officers discovered dozens of animals in extremely unsanitary condition, and 13 dogs were found dead.

28 dogs and puppies and 3 cats were removed and were taken to the Rawlins Rochelle Animal Shelter to be examined by veterinarians.

American Press reports that according to documents filed in the case, one of the dogs recovered from the U-Haul was a Chihuahua, nicknamed Taco, who was found in a cage with other Chihuahuas and some of them were deceased.

Taco had infected eyes that were swollen shut and required surgery.

American Press also reports that according to the Rawlins authorities, the two females, both from Louisiana, said they were taking the dogs on a 2,000 mile trip from DeRidder to Oregon because they “had a chance to make money”.

It is alleged that STRACENER operates a business named “Canines R Us”, and claimed she helped local shelters by taking in animals that were scheduled to be euthanized.

Reportedly, through the business page on social media, she was asking for donations for dog food, dog beds, hay, and travel crates.

She claimed that she was helping the animals in her care and was also covering the costs of spay and neuter procedures.

The investigation is ongoing ,and authorities are asking anyone missing a dog from the DeRidder area to contact the Rawlins Rochelle Animal Shelter at (307) - 328 - 4534.

Both women are facing felony animal cruelty which is punishable by only a 2 year-imprisonment time.




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