JEFFREY KEITH DONOHUE caught on security camera kicking and slamming his dog on the floor

- Maryland, USA -

JEFFREY KEITH DONOHUE (pictured below), was arrested on Friday, November 6, after his girlfriend watched him on a security camera abusing their dog.

FOX45 reports that police were called to a residence in the 1000 block of Carriage Hill Court in Annapolis.

The girlfriend told officers the security camera showed that DONOHUE had cornered their 3-year-old Polish Sheepdog and had kicked the furbaby at least five times on the side.

DONOHUE then slammed the dog to the ground.

The helpless soul yelped and cried in pain.

According to FOX45 police viewed the footage.

The security camera recorded another incident a few minutes later.

DONAHUE can be seen picking up the furbaby by the throat, carrying the dog across the room over his head, and then slamming the dog on the floor.

As if that was not enough torture, DONAHUE then kicked the puppy one more time.

As reported by FOX45, the girlfriend took the furbaby to a veterinary hospital for possible leg injuries.

There is not an update on the dog’s condition.

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