JEDIDIAH HOUNSELL arrested on animal cruelty and assault charges

- New Hampshire, USA -

The Carroll County Attorney's Office has charged 24-year-old JEDIDIAH HOUNSELL (pictured below), of Conway, with misdemeanor cruelty to animals, misdemeanor simple assault, and Class B felony second-degree assault.

The charges refer to an incident that happened on January 14, when HOUNSELL had an altercation with a relative, and then strangled the relative’s dog.

Conway police officer Christopher Kroski said that HOUNSELL fled the home and was arrested in the parking lot of nearby Varsity Beverage.

After HOUNSELL was taken into custody, Officer Kroski met with the relative involved in the incident at the station.

The relative told Officer Kroski that during the argument, HOUNSELL first beat him, and then picked up his dog.

HOUNSELL started strangling the furbaby before throwing the dog down.

Voice For Us has contacted Officer Kroski to inquire about the wellbeing of the dog, and an update will be posted if he responds.

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