JAYDEN DEVONTRE CLIFF arrested and charged with animal abuse causing serious injury

- Iowa, USA -

On April 1, the non-profit Critter Crusaders based in Cedar Rapids, received a call by a citizen who said that a puppy had been left at their house by a teenager, and was severely injured.

KCRG reports that an investigation conducted by Cedar Rapids Animal Care and Control with the Cedar Rapids Police Department revealed that 22-year-old JAYDEN DEVONTRE CLIFF (pictured below), “grabbed the puppy by the skin on the back of its neck, threw it on the ground, then kicked the puppy, causing it to be forced out of the room it was in.”

According to police, this happened after the puppy had defecated on a bed and continued to defecate on the floor after being thrown to the ground.

The voiceless victim of this case who could not call 911 to report the abuse inflicted on him, is a 9-week-old Golden Retriever.

The furbaby has now been renamed Kimble by Critter Crusaders.

Cedar Rapids Police Department has posted on their Facebook page that on Tuesday, April 6, Kimble went into surgery at Blue Pearl Pet Hospital Cedar Rapids through Critter Crusaders.

Police explained in the post that Kimble “Had a complex fracture of his right femur - very close to the knee joint. There is concern that the location of the fracture could affect the growth plate in that leg. He also had multiple fractures in his right metacarpals. The surgeon decided the Emergency Room should try to splint that instead of surgery. Depending upon how it heals, Critter Crusaders of Cedar Rapids may have to go back in for surgical repair and plating.”

The Department said that at the moment, no adoption applications are being accepted and that Dogs Forever will be in charge of future adoptions.

If you wish to follow Kimble’s updates, please visit Critter Crusaders of Cedar Rapids website.

As for the criminal aspect of the case, CLIFF was booked on April 8, and charged with animal abuse causing serious injury, an aggravated misdemeanor.

This worthless and evil individual was transported to the Linn County Correctional Center.

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