JAVON HARRIEL arrested for fatally injuring one dog and hurting two others

- Florida, USA -

TCPalm reports that on Tuesday, July 14, Port St. Lucie police were called to a home in the 1000 block of Southwest Consolata Avenue.

Officers talked to a man who explained that 19-year-old JAVON HARRIEL (pictured below), had been staying at this address for about a month and that he was paying HARRIEL to watch his three dogs while he was at work.

The unnamed man had a male Chihuahua/Dachshund named Tarzan, one furbaby named Monkey, and another named Opera.

While he was at work, he received a phone call from HARRIEL’s grandmother and found out that Tarzan had died.

When he went back home, he found Monkey shaking and “there was blood in one of its eyes”, reports TCPalm.

The man also found his other dog, Opera, unable to put weight on her rear legs.

According to police reports, when HARRIEL was questioned about the incidents, he first denied his involvement in the injuries to Opera and Monkey, then, he reportedly cried and admitted being the one responsible for Monkey and Opera’s injures.

As reported by TCPalm, HARRIEL wrote an apology letter in which he stated that he “popped” Opera’s back legs to stop her from going potty on the floor.

He also caused Monkey’s injury by “popping” him in the nose.

Finally, as for Tarzan, the furbaby who died, HARRIEL wrote that after winning a video game, he got “overly excited” and “was so happy and accidentally kicked Tarzan.”

A necropsy was performed on Tarzan and results revealed injuries to the small head of the pup and pooling of fluid in the area of his right ear canal and base of the skull.

JAVON HARRIEL, of the 300 block of Southeast Atlas Terrace in Port St. Lucie, was arrested

on Thursday, July 23, on one felony and two misdemeanor charges to cruelty to animals.

He was released the same day from St. Lucie County Jail on a $4,000 bond so he can “pop” more animals.

*JAVON HARRIEL, did your mama “pop” your legs when you did your business out of your diapers? Will you “pop” your kids’ legs when they go potty out of their diapers?*

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