JAMILA COBB callously dumped puppy in freezing temperatures outside a shelter

Updated: Feb 9

- Ohio, USA -

On Wednesday, January 27, a puppy was cruelly dumped outside Richland County Dog Warden's Office & Shelter as if the breathing being would not suffer from the freezing temperatures!

The nonprofit wrote in a Facebook post that the 4-month-old Lab-mix puppy was dropped at approximately 5:00 p.m. by a female driving a navy-blue Ford Fusion.

The shelter had closed about 30 minutes earlier.

As the organization noted, the temperatures recorded 18 degrees when the pup was found the following morning and he is lucky he “is not suffering any negative effects from the weather.”

Video cameras at the shelter captured the incident and when Deputy Dog Warden Missy Houghton saw the footage, she notified the Richland County Sheriff’s.

richlandsource has released the name of the heartless and soulless female who callously abandoned the furbaby.

She has been identified as 25-year-old JAMILA COBB of 137 Blymyer Avenue in Mansfield.

Unfortunately, I do not have a mugshot.

richlandsource reports that according to the Sheriff’s Office, COBB said the puppy was in the apartment she was trying to move into.

The Sheriff’s Office report says: “She stated that she is scared of dogs and she did not have the means to take care of the animal, so she took it to the Dog Warden's office.”

Well, she did not take the dog to the shelter, she ABANDONED the dog OUTSIDE the shelter!!!

Deputy Dog Warden Houghton said: “While we understand that when someone finds a stray, they can't always keep it or some people would prefer to dump their dogs here when we aren't open, we ask that people kindly use some discretion, common sense and decency.”

Thankfully, the furbaby is doing well and already has an approved adoption application.

On Monday, February 1, the Richland County Sheriff's Department served COBB with a summons and she will appear in Mansfield Municipal Court on February 11, on first-degree misdemeanor.

If among you there is someone who will be there, please take a picture of this animal abuser so that we can add it to Voice For Us Animal Abuser Registry. Thank you!

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