JAMES PEVEHOUSE is wanted by the Muskogee County Sheriff’s Office on animal cruelty charges

- Oklahoma, USA -

JAMES PEVEHOUSE (pictured below), is wanted by the Muskogee County Sheriff’s Office on animal cruelty charges.

Prosecutors have charged PEVEHOUSE with felony animal cruelty after many witnesses saw him beating his dogs on the side of the road.

The witnesses in question are a tree cutting crew and after they saw PEVEHOUSE abusing his dogs they reported the incident to the Sheriff’s Office.

Muskogee County Undersheriff Michael Mahan said: "A couple of dogs had come upon them while they were working. A gentleman showed up later trying to retrieve the dogs."

The workers saw PEVEHOUSE getting violent with the poor dogs.

Undersheriff Mahan also said: “They actually observed him pick one of the dogs up and slam it into the back of his truck and throw several punches on that dog before he left the scene.”

When deputies responded to the scene, they questioned the crew and took their statement.

In the meanwhile PEVEHOUSE drove up to the area and naturally officers wanted to question him too, so they asked PEVEHOUSE to wait at his nearby home.

Deputies also wanted to check on the dogs.

At that point the suspect left.

One piece of good news is that deputies found one of the two dogs at PEVEHOUSE’s home.

The condition of the second dog is unknown.

Hopefully PEVEHOUSE will turn himself in.

Many thanks to the crew for doing the right thing and reporting animal cruelty.


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