JAMES PAUL JONES arrested on charges of animal cruelty and permitting livestock to run at large

- Alabama, USA -

The Walker County Sheriff's Office wrote in a Facebook post that over the past several months, it has received many reports about horses running loose in the Hay Valley area.

The Sheriff’s Office wrote that on Saturday, October 3, a post was published on social media concerning an injured horse in the same area.

Animal Cruelty Investigator Tyler Leach responded to the scene and discovered a horse with a very severe injury near Hay Valley Road.

Although Investigator Leach was able to get close to the horse, he was unable to capture the animal, so he took pictures and forwarded them to the on-call veterinarian before contacting the Walker County Humane Society.

Sadly, due to the severity of the injury and the amount of suffering, the veterinarian advised to humanely euthanize the horse.

An investigation revealed that 62-year-old JAMES PAUL JONES (pictured below), of Parrish, was the horse’s guardian.

At that point, Investigator Leach, accompanied by the Humane Society, went to JONES’ residence.

While officials were there, they discovered that nine other horses were either roaming free or living in negligent conditions.

Some of those horses were also suffering from injuries.

The Walker County Humane Society took custody of all these poor souls with the help of volunteers.

Until a court determines their permanent status, they will remain in foster care where they will receive medical treatment.

JAMES PAUL JONES was placed under arrest and charged with Permitting Livestock to Run at Large and Cruelty to Animals.

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