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- New York, USA -

On the early afternoon of July 15, the Ontario County Humane Society responded to a residence on 38 Park Avenue in the city of Geneva after receiving a report about a dog who was tied in a driveway without food and water and appeared to be in distress.

That day was a hot, humid day of 90-degree temperatures and the helpless furbaby had no way of getting into the shade.

The Humane Society found a 14-year-old dog named Rocky (pictured below), lying on a stone driveway, hyperventilating, and tied with a short leash.

Rocky’s guardian could not be located so the furbaby was taken to a local veterinarian and was treated for extreme heat exposure.

Rocky was held overnight and is now at the humane society shelter in Hopewell.

Thankfully, he did not suffer long-term effect.

Eventually, the person who put Rocky’s life at risk was tracked down.

Ontario County Humane Society officers have now lodged criminal charges against 57-year-old JAMES M. VALDER.

VALDER was charged with misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty and failure to provide food/water to an impounded animal.

VALDER was additionally charged with failure to provide adequate shelter to an animal, a violation.

He will appear in City of Geneva Court at a later date.

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