JAMES DANIELS arrested for shooting neighbor’s dog named Ranger

- Vermilion, Ohio, USA -

Erie County Sheriff’s Office deputies say that 76-year-old JAMES DANIELS (pictured below), shot his neighbor’s dog on December 28.

FOX8 reports that the dog in question, a Saint Bernard named Ranger, was barking at DANIEL’s son and his wife.

After the couple ran into the house, the accused grabbed his shotgun and shot Ranger in the head.

He claimed Ranger was in his front yard near a tree and was walking toward him in an “aggressive manner”.

Reportedly, DANIEL’s son told officers that Ranger was just barking but he never charged at them!!!

Ranger’s mom, Elizabeth Thayer, said she had let her dogs out before going to work and when she heard a gunshot she saw Ranger falling to the ground yelping.

At that point she confronted her neighbor and he told her that her dog can’t be on his property.

When Thayer saw her furbaby in pain she asked DANIELS to shoot him again so that he would not die slowly.

It’s unclear why Ranger was not rushed to an emergency veterinary clinic instead.

Thayer was charged with a misdemeanor count of failure to confine her dog and will be in court next week.

JAMES DANIELS was arrested Thursday, January 2, on a felony animal cruelty charge and is scheduled to be arraigned in Vermilion Municipal Court January 7.

Sheriff Paul Sigsworth said DANIELS should have called animal control or the Sheriff’s Office instead of shooting Ranger and I totally agree with him!


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