JAMES ANTWON JONES facing animal cruelty charges after dog found dead chained to doghouse

- Ohio, USA -

On Thursday, January 2, JAMES ANTWON JONES (pictured below), has been indicted on animal cruelty charges.

He is accused of causing the death of his dog found chained to a doghouse at a home on Sherwood Avenue a month ago.

A concerned citizen called Animal Charity Humane Society about a dog who had been dead for days.

An agent discovered a 2-year-old Pit bull mix.

An examination determined that the poor furbaby had been starved, with just leaves and sawdust in his stomach.

Ms. Mary Louk with the Animal Charity of Ohio said: “We were very happy.” “The grand jury agreed that there was merit to seek hearing this case.”

The accused is due in court on his charge later this month.

If convicted, he’ll go to jail or prison, but thanks to taxpayers’ money he will be fed, and he will not be kept chained outside.

I wonder where the justice for the victim is.


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