JAMES ANTONIO ROCHE found guilty of animal torture and failing to care for one animal

- Michigan, USA -

There is an update on 32-year-old JAMES ANTONIO ROCHE.

On Thursday, November 7, a Genesee County jury found ROCHE guilty of felony animal torture and a misdemeanor charge of failing to adequately care for one animal.

He will be sentenced January 10, and faces up to four years in prison.

Hopefully he will serve them all!

The charges follow an incident that happened on December 10, 2017 when the defendant left his dog outside in frigid temperatures without proper shelter.

Thankfully a concerned neighbor reported this act of cruelty to the police.

Officers found a Pitbull/German Shepherd mix tethered outside in freezing temperatures with no shelter, food, and water.

The furbaby was taken to Genesee County Animal Control.

Vets discovered a deep laceration on the dog’s neck, and fresh infected wounds.

A second pup found in the front yard was also removed.

In the meantime, both furbabies have fully recovered and have been adopted.

I will never stress enough the importance of reporting animal cruelty. It may save a life.

Please keep your eyes open and always report any animal cruelty you witness.

The voiceless rely on us to speak for them!



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