JAMARI LEON DAVENPORT gets ridiculous 6-month sentence after kicking a cat like football

- Atlanta, Georgia, USA -

Ridiculous and outrageous sentence for 23-year-old JAMARI LEON DAVENPORT (pictured below).

On Monday, January 13, in Fulton State Court DAVENPORT pleaded guilty to animal cruelty with regards to an incident that happened on July 1, 2018, when the accused kicked a defenseless cat like a football.

In a packed courtroom, Senior Assistant Solicitor Laura Janssen showed the distressing video that police obtained from social media which showed the defendant kicking an innocent kitten like a football in front of a crowd at a southwest Atlanta Chevron station on Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive.

The poor cat was never found and in the video after landing she ran out view of the camera.

11Alive reports that: “Experts suggested that the cat was struck and landed "with such force as to have lethal consequences.”

Atlanta Police released the video a month after the incident and DAVENPORT turned himself in.

11Alive also reports that Melody Paris, president of Georgia Animal Rights and Protection, said: "We are overwhelmed with excitement that there has been justice for the defenseless cat who lost her life in an act of brutality." "The conviction of Mr. Davenport sends a strong message to the public that animal cruelty is wrong and will not be tolerated."

And yet, on Monday, Judge Jane Morrison sentenced DAVENPORT to only six months in custody and another six measly months on probation.

*Will he be supervised during probation to make sure he does not kill another animal?*

Judge Morrison also ordered the defendant to complete 240 hours of community service - none of which could be performed in locations with animals or children.

I feel that the poor cat has also been kicked by the judge!

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