JACQUELINE BALDINA and RYAN FISHER arrested for killing an elderly dog

- Massachusetts, USA -

41-year-old RYAN FISHER and 58-year-old JACQUELINE BALDINA (both pictured below), were arrested on Tuesday, September 29, and are facing animal cruelty charges.

On August 15, Southbridge Police were alerted that a man later identified as FISHER, had posted on Facebook that he had “choked his dog to sleep because sleeping pills didn’t work.”

Following this tip, which came through the Department’s tip411 app, Southbridge’s animal control officer Katelyn Spencer launched an investigation alongside the Animal Rescue League (ARL) of Boston.

Officials went to the pair’s home on 423 Morris Street in Southbridge.

While BALDINA was being questioned, she told authorities that she had given her 12-year-old dog named Beau, 5 milligrams of Lorazepam, an anti-anxiety medication for people.

BALDINA claimed that Beau died soon after ingesting the pills.

The investigation revealed that BALDINA had not sought veterinary advice before administrating the pills to Beau.

The female then said that FISHER, her roommate, was there and that at some point he and Beau were alone while she was in another room.

When FISHER was later questioned by a member of ARL, he admitted to choking Beau, and revealed that BALDINA was aware of his plan to end Beau’s life.

Beau, who had been buried in the backyard, was then exhumed and a necropsy was performed.

The results showed that the cause of death of this innocent furbaby was due to trauma placed on his windpipe.

WHDH reports that Sgt. Paul Parlon with the ARL said: “There are places like the Animal Rescue League in Boston that do offer humane forms of euthanization for animals. It’s a simple phone call.”

Both murderers were arrested on warrants for cruelty to animals.

The female murderer was released on a $540 cash bail.

She had bail cash but no cash to pay for a veterinarian!!!

The male murderer was out on bail on a separate criminal matter and is being held at the Worcester County House of Correction on $2,500 cash bail.

The pre-trial is scheduled for October 7, 2020.

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