JACOB MCMILLAN caught on video kicking a dog down a flight of stairs turns himself in

- Michigan, USA -

On November 10, the Riverview Police Department received numerous calls reporting a distressing video posted on social media and that shows a male throwing and then kicking a Pitbull while going down the stairs of an apartment building.

The senseless and cruel incident happened in the Riverview Crossings apartment building and was caught by a Ring doorbell camera.

Police identified the vile individual as JACOB MCMILLAN (pictured below).

MCMILLAN can be seen in the video standing on the tread, he then bends over to grab the furbaby and throws him/her down the flight of stairs.

Then, before going down the next flight of stairs, MCMILLAN can be seen kicking the poor dog.

The detective who assumed the investigation of the case, spoke with apartment management, and learned that MCMILLAN did not live there.

On Wednesday, November 25, MCMILLAN turned himself in and was arraigned on ridiculous misdemeanor charges of animal neglect and cruelty.

Click on Detroit reports that MCMILLAN called the police and admitted to abusing the furbaby.

Police advise that the furbaby is OK and “was placed with the suspect’s family member outside of McMillan’s home.”

The abuser has a court hearing in December.

Many thanks to all those who reported this act of animal cruelty to the authorities!


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