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Italian reporter FRANCESCO VECCHI gives a distorted reality of animals in co-hosted TV show Mattino5

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

- Italy -

An Italian TV Show called “Mattino 5”, responded to complaints submitted by residents of a village called Corigliano-Rossano, which is in the Calabria region of southern Italy.

Residents are complaining about the growing number of stray dogs whom they believe to be aggressive and dangerous.

Residents say they are locked in their homes because they are afraid to come out and encounter one of the dogs.

One of the co-hosts of the show, FRANCESCO VECCHI (pictured below), has interviewed the mayor of the village and asked him how he plans to resolve the issue.

The mayor, Mr. Flavio Stasi (pictured below), explained that his hands are tied because first of all the local shelter is under investigation and cannot intervene to help.

Secondly, at the moment there is not a unit contracted by the city in charge of picking up stray animals.

A video showed during the program depicted dogs wandering the streets under the summer heat looking for food and water.

Mama dogs with their newborn babies could be seen at night rummaging through trash cans looking for food.

I resented the position the presenter took on the issue and it infuriated me to my very core!

VECCHI, described the whole situation as if the dogs need to be eliminated because they cause a serious problem to the poor residents but did not emphasize the fact that if those poor furbabies are homeless, it’s because they have been cruelly abandoned, and/or they were never spayed/neutered.

VECCHI also mentioned that people have been attacked by the dogs but there were no medical reports shown during the show to support what he said.

Many viewers have left comments on the show’s Facebook page expressing disappointment and concern.

They rightfully said that the way the situation was presented by the tv show, may trigger people to go and hurt the poor dogs.

We now fear for the well-being of those innocent souls!

This is not the first time that VECCHI speaks about animals as if they are “unwanted guests” on this planet.

A few weeks ago, while talking about parrots and parakeets from the Amazon rainforest who inexplicably invaded the city of Genova, he did not mention the beautiful colors flying over the sky, instead, he focused on the noise they make with their chirping.

Parrots and parakeets are loving the climate and are feeling safe in Genova because there are no predators hunting these species. Reportedly, they have shown aggression towards bats and sparrows.

On other occasions, while VECCHI was talking about how Rome has been dealing for so long with the issue of wild boars running through the streets looking for food, he once again accentuated how dangerous and inconvenient their presence is, instead of focusing on the bad administration by the mayor!

It's my opinion that he instigates people to look at animals as a nuisance and not as beings entitled to inhabit this planet as much as humans.

With regards to the dogs in Calabria I must say this, it’s amazing how people do not come forward to speak up against Mafia and ‘Ndrangheta, but then, they come forward to protest about innocent animals who did not choose to be in the situations they are in!

Mafia and ‘Ndrangheta do not scare you, but animals do?

Italy, you really make me laugh!!!

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Frank Verdeaux
Frank Verdeaux
15 févr. 2022

He's a real turd. Yeah, those dogs look real scary. Look like they were household pets at one time. Italy and Spain are F-ed up when it comes to their attitude and treatment to animals.

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