IRENE MANCHUCA and JUAN PEDRAZA arrested after a report of dogs being kept in danger

- Texas, USA -

On Sunday, August 16, the Mercedes Police Department received a call about animals possibly in danger at a residence on East Liberty Avenue in Mercedes.

Responding officers did not find any animals in danger as reported by the caller, so they left.

The next day, however, police went back to the residence and a dog ran towards the officers.

Officers then discovered that several dogs were present on the premises.

One dog was found to be chained to a truck with no food or water.

Another dog was discovered with ticks all over the body.

Animal control took possession of the furbabies to provide medical treatment.

Valley Central reports that: “Caretakers notified Mercedes police that a call was made to animal control to bring the dogs back into their possession.”

Thankfully, Mercedes Chief of Police Dagoberto Chavez did not authorize that, and, he personally went to residence to investigate further the situation.

He then discovered four additional dogs who were being kept in hazardous conditions.

While officials were on the scene investigating, a couple drove up, IRENE MANCHUCA and JUAN PEDRAZA (both pictured below).

The pair identified themselves as the owners of the property.

MANCHUCA and PEDRAZA were taken into custody and charged with animal cruelty.

They face five counts of animal cruelty each.

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