Investigation underway after dog was seen struggling in the back of a trailer

- Colorado, USA -

A driver passing through Colorado Springs on Interstate 25 was recorded while their dog was struggling in the back of an open trailer.

The people traveling behind that vehicle recorded the incident which took place on the afternoon of Wednesday, April 28.

The vehicle had out-of-state plates from Idaho.

The footage shows the helpless furbaby stuck in a corner of the trailer while he/she struggles to free himself/herself from a pile of trash and what appears to be a very large and heavy metal frame.

A second video then shows the poor dog, who somehow got away from the corner of the trailer, climb on the junk in the trailer.

11 News reports that a reader reached out to them with the video.

The reader said she reached out to Colorado State Patrol to report the incident and was told the information would be passed along.

Thankfully, she did not stop there and she also reached out to KKTV.

KKTV then helped her get in touch with Animal Law Enforcement at the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region.

A spokesperson for the humane society said officers are actively investigating the case and that the driver could face animal cruelty charges.

If you recognize the dog or the vehicle or have information regarding this case, please come forward and speak for the voiceless victim.

Please call Animal Law Enforcement at (719) 473 - 1741. Thank you!

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