Investigation underway after dog found tied to a shelter in freezing temperatures

- Virginia, USA -

On January 5, the animal rescue Colonial Heights Animal Shelter wrote in a Facebook post that when staff arrived in the morning, they found the furbaby pictured below, tied outside to a fence.

Officer Amanda Sverchek told NBC12: “She was just sitting there on this thin little blanket, and we were all just in shock who just went and found her that way. It was near 34 degrees out, and she was probably out there for a majority of the night, but we’ll never know how long for sure.”

The nonprofit is now reaching out to the public in hopes of finding those who callously abandoned the sweet dog now named Peaches.

Part of the Facebook post reads: “This is beyond unacceptable. We are looking to pursue charges and hope to do so.”

The post then continues to say: “For those of you who see this and find it beneficial to comment that “at least they brought it to the shelter” - I urge you to think of this canine outside in nearly freezing temperatures with barely any body fat watching their person or persons drive off/walk off and leave. REGARDLESS that maybe “they couldn't afford care” or you think they “tried to do the right thing” - abandonment is NOT right. It is illegal. Finding this shivering animal in this condition is wrong and he/she DID NOT get in this condition over night.. To those responsible- they failed this animal long before they tied it to our shelter fence in a last ditch effort.”

Peaches was then taken to Colonial Heights Veterinary Hospital to be examined.

The furbaby had no evident health concerns to explain why she was so underweight.

Officer Sverchek said: “There were no worms, no heartworms, nothing like that. It simply points to the fact that she was not given basic care her owner should have given her.”

Peaches will soon go to a rescue group so that they can monitor her progress and get her up to the point where she is available for adoption.

Peaches will then be placed in a foster home.

So, this will take a while before Peaches goes into a new furever home.

Unfortunately, the shelter’s surveillance cameras did not capture who callously dumped this innocent soul, but the case is being investigated and Officer Sverchek will file criminal charges if the culprit is found.

Officer Sverchek said: “I think the laws are there for a reason, and they need to be implemented. A simple phone call would have sufficed. We would have helped in any way we could, but to leave a dog in these conditions is never acceptable.”

If you recognize Peaches or have information on the case, please come forward and speak up.

Please call Colonial Heights Animal Shelter on (804) - 520 - 9397. Thank you!

*Voice For Us believes that not reporting animal cruelty is the same as committing it!*

Some of the pictures have been shared from Colonial Heights Animal Shelter.

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