Investigation underway after deer legs and a cat carcass found tied to trees in Iroquois Park

- Kentucky, USA -

Kentucky Fish and Wildlife are investigating after several deer legs and a cat carcass were found tied and hanging from trees in Iroquois Park off Sanders Gate Road in Louisville.

The agency believes that poachers may have tied the cat to lure in coyotes and then killed the poor feline.

Chunks of bacon grease were placed next to the tied cat as a way to lure in larger animals.

Near the dead deer and cat, there were also dead squirrels and a dead possum.

WDRB reports that while in Kentucky it is legal to bait and hunt coyotes, hunting is not allowed in Louisville’s public parks.

Ms. Joran Dye, is a member of the “Friends of Iroquois Park” social media group and said that this is clearly an animal cruelty case and is upset it’s in a park she loves so much.

It's also heartbreaking”, she said, and added: “It's alarming, from a community aspect, that these kinds of things happen.”

WDRB reached out to Louisville Department of Parks and Recreation for comment and they released a statement saying they are “aware of the issue and we're supporting Kentucky Fish and Wildlife and LMPD in the investigation.”

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