Investigation underway after dead cat was found with one limb severed and distant from the body

- Sengkang, Singapore -

WARNING! The content of the story may be too hard to read for some of you.

On Saturday, December 12, a cat’s mutilated carcass was found in a pool of blood with one of the limbs severed.

The limb was found some distance away from the body.

The gruesome discovery was made at Block 470B in Fernvale Link by cleaners.

The SPCA was alerted and then the organization contacted Fiona Loh who is an independent cat rescuer.

Fiona wrote on her Instagram page that when the SPCA called her, she was at the cattery, so she sent to the scene one of her adopters who lives nearby.

Fiona then rushed over but the cat was not found.

She called Town Council and learned that their workers had washed away the bloody scene and kept the body of the furbaby.

They showed some pictures to the adopter who first arrived at the scene.

When Fiona opened the plastic bag where the cat was, she identified the feline as a Tabby with a bobtail, one was tipped, there was no microchip, and the severed limb was a “very clean cut. Definitely a sharp knife was used,” she wrote.

Fiona then started looking for any “suspicious weapon around.” She even looked into trash cans but could not find anything.

While she was waiting for SPCA and SPF (Singapore Police Force) to arrive, she noticed “some blood stains on the door of the riser right where the carcass was first discovered.”

As soon as she opened the riser, she found a knife in there resting on a pipe.

Fiona also found a live cat at the stairway beside where the crime happened, so she took her and named her Wakandah. Wakandah is now ready to be adopted.

Fiona named the killed furbaby Xyon.

The SPCA confiscated the knife and took Xyon’s body.

SPCA and Animal & Veterinary Service (AVS) will perform a necropsy.

The SPF are reviewing CCTV footage and the Cat Welfare Society (CWS) will likely conduct door-to-door interviews to find out more.

In a subsequent update, Fiona wrote that feeders of that cluster contacted her and confirmed that “Xyon and Wakandah are not part of their regular community cats, and they have not seen them before as they do not go by that area since there are supposedly no community cats there. Xyon and Wakandah could [have] be [been] abandoned recently.”

If you have any information about the case, please call 6287 5355 ext. 9 or email the SPCA investigators. Thank you!

mothership reports that any person found guilty of animal cruelty faces a fine of up to S$15,000, imprisonment for up to 18 months, or both.

*Voice For Us believes that not reporting animal cruelty is the same as committing it!*

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