Injured pup rescued by a front end load operator, Chad Hipsle, after he falls out of dumpster

- Maryland, USA -

The Baltimore Police Department's Animal Abuse Unit is investigating after a dog fell out of a dumpster at a Baltimore trash incinerator facility.

The injured furbaby was not immediately noticed, but then front end loader operator, Chad Hipsle (pictured below), saw some movement in the trash and stopped his machine.

He rescued the pup and alerted Baltimore City Animal Control.

It happened Monday, March 9.

Responding officers found the dog resting on towels, covered in trash.

He was rushed to BARCS where staff named him Donut and he was examined by a veterinarian team.

The shelter wrote in their Facebook post that Donut’s body “had multiple cuts and puncture wounds, and he was suffering from severe injuries to his front legs.”

The 3-year-old Bridle mix did not sustain those injuries as a result of tumbling out of the dumpster. It is believed that he must have suffered prolonged abuse.

Why was Donut in the dumpster? Did anyone put him there? Did he end up in there while looking for food? Hopefully, the investigation will answer these questions.

Despite the ordeal this sweet soul has been through, he is still very friendly, and he has been giving everybody kisses.

After spending a little time at BARCS, Donut was rushed to Franky Fund clinic ER.

He remains under emergency care and will likely need surgery for one or both of his front legs that are very hurt and prevent him from walking.

Donut also has bites all over his body.

The Baltimore City Animal Control is asking anyone with information related to this case to call the Animal Abuse Unit at (443 - 681 - 0101). Thank you!

If anyone wishes to donate toward Donut’s medical bills, can visit:

Once Donut has healed, he will be available to be adopted and his rescuer Mr. Hipsle said he asked his girlfriend if they can adopt him.




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